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Welcome to Sovawills


We are the franchise of Octowill. Octowill is an Inheritance Management Specialist. It offers WILLS, TRUST, Estate Management and related services on blockchain environment. It allows you to write your Wills, trust documents, and assign beneficiaries as well as to set instructions, process and procedures.


Sovawills helps you to put in place legally acceptable documents to administer inheritance. These documents are highly secured, digitally encrypted and made accessible only to you. The best thing is, you have full control of managing your Wills online or make amendments to it as you please.


Person In charge

His expertise in the areas of Financial Planning, he has 18 years’ experience working as Unit Trust Consultant, Estate Planner and Legacy Advisor. Is a Trade member of Financial Planning Association of Malaysia since 2005. Currently a Director of Sova  Academy Sdn Bhd and I Serve Agency Sdn. Bhd., Is also a Co-Chairman of Investment Advisory Board of Swordfish Solution Sdn Bhd., a RM 900 Million Private Equity firm licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Mr. Kuna Is an active investment Committee member at Space Capital Berhad, a financial arm in IPO and Capital Advisory Service.

Our service


Sovawills thru its partner Octowill, provide many Inheritance Services such as:


1- Online WILL Writing for traditional assets.

2- WILL for Digital Assets, Crypto assets and E-Wallets.

3- Appointing executors, administrators and custodian.

4- Licensed Trustees Services

5- Appointing & managing Guardians for your young Children.

6- Escrow and custodial services.

7- Legal services and Inheritance management.

8- Inheritance Tax and Settlement services.


Sovawills also provide consultations and representation on behalf of beneficiary or the testator as executor; act as trustee or guardian; executing the testators instruction; instituting legal procedures or defending the same on behalf of the testator and the beneficiary.


Octowill specialises in INHERITANCE MANAGEMENT, this may include assigning beneficiaries to your digital assets and e-wallets as well writing a digital Will for all your other assets.




Problem Faced Without A Will

  1. One dies Intestate ( a person dying without giving instruction or a Will)
  2. All your assets and bank accounts are Frozen
  • Court Orders are can be costly and may take a very long time to obtain.
  1. Need letter of administration (from Court) to unlock your assets
  2. Administrator needs to find 2 Sureties / Guarantors with money.
  3. It becomes complicated and frustrating for your family as time, process and cost are not in their control


When you write a Wil

  1. You can appoint your own Executor, Guardians to children and Beneficiaries to inherit your assets.
  2. You decide what to give, to whom & when to distribute your assets.
  • Your loved ones gets to inherit your assets and it doesn’t go to unclaimed monies.
  1. No Sureties or Guarantor are needed for execution and transfer.
  2. Faster Distribution and Cost Savings for your loved once.

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