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WELCOME TO THE AN EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL PLATFORM born out of an inspiration to create Digital Business platform where both consumers and sellers mutually benefited.

As Malaysian, we rope in Malaysian talent to create a Digital Business platform that provide secure and fast online shopping experience. 

While MyMall2u aims to our business beyond Malaysian border soon, we aggressive working to improve the platform catering the need and demand.

What makes us difference is – WE CARE -. Over the years we release and understand how our community works. We learn and evolved together making changes to suit what is needed out there. Our team of professionals are well equipped to support our customers at all time. 

Working Process

How we work

Its not about just the business plan, having a stable simplified convenient solution is also important. We have designed and built our platform with much thought making sure our clients and viewers are always pleased. We understand the need form both end which is Public and our Clients. We are responsible to bring both ends to meet and make sure IT IS REMEMBERED.

Developing an effective strategy


Website development and integration


Testing and professional support

Get ready to start your exciting journey.
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Why Choose Us

We are not just a digital marketing platform. We drive the business in line with our community supporting Goals. We are Mymall2u Sdn Bhd

24 Hours Support

Keeping our platform for customers to access anytime anywhere.

Admin Panel

Consistently maintaining solutions and always focused in being ahead from the market

Mobile Friendly

Easy access via mobile interface. Giving a clear easy view at all time.